The 10 hidden benefits to dating a motorcycle-rider


Who doesn’t like to an adventurous partner, someone spontaneous and rugged? There are many pluses to dating a rider. Here are the top ten.

Biker kiss

  1. The jealous friend: Owning a good motorcycle makes you look cool automatically. It is like the cheat code to look better and many girls start hitting on you because you have a great ride. Many girls want to meet local bikers and they search on biker dating sites to find such men.
  2. The style: The accessory, the leather jacket, the gloves make you look cool automatically and they give you an ultimate style quotient. You become the new style statement because of your leather jackets and sexy pants, and not to forget the biker chicks who want to hitch a ride with you
  3. No need to style your hair: Because you wear helmets you have messy hair every time, and that messy hair becomes your style. You look like you have ‘wind in your hair’. In case you are going on a date with a rider, it is advisable to have a ponytail.
  4. Easy gifting: It is always a difficult task to find gifts for others, but if you are dating a rider you can gift them any bike accessories and they will fall in love with it.
  5. The attention: Bike attracts a lot of attention. Suddenly the guy who owns a sexy bike has a lot of friends as many of them start considering him ‘the happening one.’
  6. The fixer: A rider is always prepared to take the worst. He is the independent kind, he knows how to fix any machine and get by any situation. Hence, a motorcycle rider is a reliable person
  7. Free rides: If you are the adventurous king and you are dating a rider, you will probably explore a lot of new places and you will have a total ball.
  8. Hugs: Riders always get free hugs from the girls sitting behind. They end up being lucky most of the time as the passenger rider becomes girlfriends.
  9. Faster reach: the best advantage of dating a rider is that you will reach for movies or dates or shows on time. Even when a road has traffic riders make their way out and reach faster than a guy in a car.
  10. Happy and smart people: Research has shown that riders are happy people and have low levels of stress. They are reliable and have higher levels of satisfaction in life.