5 Reasons to date a woman who rides

We are often made to believe that riding a motorcycle is a man’s thing and that it symbolizes power, masculinity and the desire for adventure. However, we often ignore the fact that women too love being adventurous and are capable of riding these mean machines. With the inception of biker dating sites this bias is certainly on the decline and men look forward to dating a woman who rides. In this article, we discuss the 5 reasons why you should date a woman who rides.

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  • They travel light: Unlike other women that carry a huge backpack crammed with what they consider “essentials”, bikers know exactly what’s needed. A biker would ensure her bag fits into the tank bag and has the following: bikini, toothbrush, a pretty dress, heels, sunscreen, sunglasses and last but certainly not the least a tire pressure gauge.
  • They aren’t very demanding: They’re not the one who’d expect their partner to offer a $15 worth martini. In fact, she would be very happy with a chilled beer and frog dog at the races. Besides, their idea of a dream date would be a long twisting road alone the coastline with lunch at a restaurant that is often the pit stop for other bikers as well. 
  • They’re tough: It goes without saying that most motorcyclists do have a fall, at some point. A woman who rides has been there, done that and has emerged strong at the end of it. Needless to say, it takes a lot to make a woman rider cry and a lot more to separate her from her bike, regardless of what may happen. 
  • She would be loved by your mother: She may not admit it, but mothers generally expect their sons to date strong women and not someone who’d eventually be a burden on him. There is an element of strength associated with women who ride a motorcycle and they’re perceived to be stronger than others who don’t. 
  • Every guy would be jealous of her: There are very few girls who are passionate about riding a bike. Tell a guy about her love for motorcycles and his imagination would go into sixth gear. This is primary due to the fact that female riders have a different image in the society (as mentioned earlier) and your decision to spend the rest of your life with her is something others would envy.