Why date a biker. What’s on the cards?

Harley Davidson riders have long been synonyms to the desired dream man for many ladies all over the world. This is not merely a man on a posh bike, but there is definitely more to it: manliness, passion and reliance. Maybe that is why many females have been breaking the stereotyped thinking that biking is a male-only business. Being a passenger behind a cool biker is fun but women want to enjoy the fast drive and have the exact biker outfit as one would expect from a daring woman. Looks may vary from leather suits to cowboy jumpsuits with all visible body covered with tattoos. Evidently the feel and look of males looking back to them and talking to them is double fun.

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Now once a female has attracted the right males’ attention, and that is a biker, a woman wants to make sure they are the right match and looks for the signs of proof for it. Firstly, a biker woman would wish to make sure that they share the same vision towards a steady relationship. If marriage is on the cards, then it should be for both of daters. If this is a random date, both parties need to make sure they view things the same way. Keep in mind that for a model biker, freedom is top value, so respect for the other’s views is key for success in such dating. Then a woman, even a biker, looks for a steady home and settlement, while many biker men enjoy their freedom to the extent of homelessness or night-out constantly. One should consider if this is the option for a future relationship, no matter how lasting, or this is a definitive deal-breaker that would render a woman dissatisfied and disturbed eventually.

Any successful relationship is undoubtedly based on the right click in terms of sex relationship. So, feeling strong physical attraction to your biking partner is vital, and if it is also combined with the right mutual understanding, then future is ahead. It may be tempting to cultivate sexual attraction after one or few dates with bikers, yet hunting nature in men is there to stay, so being too available does not do good. On the other hand, dating a biker means you can have freedom of expression and relaxation, based on assurance that you are sharing the same vision of life and need not be pretending to be a better self. So if we sum up the top three reasons why a woman, and a biker woman especially, should be considering dating a biker, they would be as follows:

1. There is always a good heart under the biker armor and often a sharp mind under the helmet. Most bikers care for charity causes as they like no one else know what it means to be in pain and in helpless state. Bikers are good at fixing things, so you may rely on them to solve daily routine problems in your life, repair things in the house (if any).

2. Bikers are committed. They care for a partner and know that the real matches do not happen down the road or around the corner, so they put extra effort not to fail and make the right choice, which, once made, is there to stay, as they are devoted to their ladies (requiring the same level of devotion, that is normal). They may be tough sometimes and play the macho, but then it entails the level of protection for a woman, that she cannot always expect elsewhere.

3. Bikers have good taste. This refers to both the women they choose, and the bikes they choose and the outfits they select very carefully, to demonstrate their individuality. If you care for self-expression and abundance of individuality, then the right biker will get you on board and set you free. Biker dating means you will eventually develop a good taste for fun, adrenaline, real friendship, commitment and dreams together.