Dating Ideas for a First Date With a Biker

If you are a biker, you are better off dating another biker or at-least someone who understands your passion for bikes. Imagine the thrill and romance of your girl clinging to your waist as you bike down the road on a clam sunny day. Simply epic! But where would you take her out? Here are some 5 biker dating suggestions:

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1. Beach

Yes, bikers visit beaches too. You can throw the swimming costumes into a small backpack and take a ride down to the beach. If you go late in the afternoon, you will be there just in time to watch the beautiful sunset together.

2. Mountain

 Surprise your date by taking her out to a mountain. Mountains are filled with lots of natural features that are bound to ignite passion in any nature lover. There are lots of fun activities you can do on a mountain including taking a plunge in a natural pool, bird watching, hiking or even observing the beautiful landscape below.

3. Cafeteria

A coffee date can also do just fine for a first date. To add some excitement to the date, offer to pick her up at her house or pick a cafeteria that is a good distance away. That way, you will spend some quality time on your bike before and after the coffee date. You want to make the first date a little simple then you can take her to fancier places on subsequent dates.

4. Countryside

If you found your date on one of the biker dating sites, chances are she doesn’t mind taking a ride to the countryside. You can ask her if she minds going for a ride on the country side just to escape the hustle and bustle of urban sprawl. You can grab a snack as you go or arrange for a picnic out in the country.

5. Biker community

If your date is really into bikes and bikers, you can invite her over to your biker community. She will most likely feel more connected and attracted to you when she sees you are part of a community. It will also give her a chance to meet some of your biker friends and hopefully, she will make some friends of her own. There is no better way of telling a girl you like her than introducing her to your friends.

There is no one-size-fits-all. Just consider the five possible biker date ideas and settle for one that appeals most to you If you have talked with your date for a while and know a little more about her, try to anticipate her needs and pick the one you think she will like most