My Experience on Bikerkiss with Advices to You

biker datingThere are many biker dating sites available online and I used most of them for a long time but didn’t get any good response from any girl. I canceled many premium accounts on various sites and wasted my hard earned money but then I found this website from where I signed up 1 month ago and the best thing has I received the message from the first girl on the site. Then I decided to continue premium membership and I received an email from a girl named Lily. She asked to know more about me and want to communicate with me further on this.

I did some research and checked her website and found the girl has a genuine profile with a clear profile picture. We had a great time on chatting and then we exchanged our numbers and talked for 2 weeks. Then we decided to meet in the half way between both of us in a coffee bar. It was around 30 minutes away from my town. You know very well distance doesn’t matter for the bikers who owned a bike. We had a great time together and appreciated the website ( for giving us second chance for having a date.

My suggestions bikers:

I have been using this website for last 1 month and got my first biker kiss from But I found male and female users are using this website in equal proportion. There is no need to try any other site if you are single biker man or woman. Just make an account on motorcycle dating sites and get the premium membership and find your first biker partner online.

Advice to the Site Owner:

You are doing a great job. Through this platform, users can easily find their partner. You can enhance the user experience by adding some more features like audio or video call. This will help you to retain your customer on your website rather than using third-party app or service. Do some surveys for taking feedback from your users and ask them their needs and requirements. Try to make contact with some online biker clubs, bars and events it will help you in increasing sign ups. There are many products related to biking try to add some of the famous products to sell online. It will also increase the user experience and also increase your sales as well.

If you want to me describe the website experience in one word I will say this website is “Awesome” for any biker looking for a partner either male or female. Do check it once before moving ahead to other websites.

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