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Did you know that one of the best ways of combating stereotyping and racism is by allowing and encouraging interracial relationships? Unfortunately there are not many organizations or individuals actively involved in such endeavors. However, is one website where hundreds of thousands of interracial relationships sprout and develop. is an interracial dating website where people from different races meet and form lasting relationships.

With this website available, there is no need for users to look anywhere else because everything one could need in order to be perfectly matched with a partner is here. The site offers two basic membership packages that differ in terms of the features offered, the standard and gold membership plans.

Permanent membership at is free. However, gold membership offers a great array of features at a reasonable cost. For gold membership there are three subscription plans which are monthly, quarter-annually, and semi-annually. The costs for each plan are $39.95, $74.95, and $119.95 respectively. Compared to other interracial relationship websites, you will realize that the costs are much higher. However, look at the services offered and you will realize that the extra buck is worthwhile.

Features of Interracial Match:

Some of features that make unique include the ones discussed below.

  • In the first place the website is undoubtedly one of the largest interracial websites in the globe with hundreds of thousands of members.
  • Secondly it is one of the few interracial dating websites that allows users to create a complete profile that is clearly visible to others.
  • Thirdly, the site offers members a chance to verify their credentials that helps members to establish their identity and give a clearer picture to other users of what a member is actually looking for.
  • The site offers probably the biggest interracial blog compared to similar dating websites. The blog allows people to express themselves openly in order to be able to develop more mature relationships in future.
  • The website allows users to propose or arrange discussion topic of their choice.
  • Lastly but definitely not least, the site openly publishes success stories of members who have been former beneficiaries of its services thus encouraging new memberships.

Features of the standard/free membership plan

  • Creation of user profiles with up to ten photographs-please note that photos improve /increase chances of finding an ideal partner.
  • Ability of all members to send replies to emails sent by paid users.
  • The capability to send winks to other members for free.
  • Ability of all members to verify their credentials.

Additional Features of the gold plan

  • Access restriction-gold members can restrict other members from searching for them in case they do not want to contact them
  • Ability to initiate emails and messages with other members-this removes the need to keep on waiting for people to contact you
  • Ability to view members who are interested in you-this gives member chance to decide whether to reply or not
  • Ability to know all new members registering
  • Availability of safety and dating tips
  • Additional privacy settings make it possible to manage profiles easily


From the features highlighted above it is clear that is among the best if not the best interracial dating website. The website also has a 24-7 customer service and also has a counselor on call in case anyone needs special assistance. Thus, if you want to try and have an interracial relationship then should be your first stop.

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