Privacy Policy

We, at strive to ensure your personal information is safe. This privacy policy document is evidence that shows our commitment towards safeguarding the privacy of our readers / users. In case you have any queries regarding any clause enclosed in this document, feel free to contact us by filling the simple form here.

Collection of Information collects only non – personally identifiable information from users. On the other hand, a user may voluntarily share his / her email ID in order to subscribe to newsletters but this isn’t mandatory. The non – personally identifiable information collected by the website is used to assess our marketing efforts and personalize the user experience.

Cookie policy does employ cookies just like any other website would. These cookies are absolutely safe and do not harm your device in any way. Furthermore, you may delete cookies on your browser at any time. Cookies along with various tracking codes help us keep a track of all your purchases on the websites recommended by us.

Sharing of Information 

The information, both personally identifiable and non – personally identifiable that has been collected by us is not shared with any other affiliate partner or third party. As a matter of fact, it is used by our internal terms to assess the performance of the website and track your purchases. It is this information that enables us to make the website experience better.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy 

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