My Success Story With Motorcycle Dating

250-bikers-optimised-2As a single woman and a biking enthusiast I constantly wondered whether I could find a partner who would share my enthusiasm and participate in my likes and dislikes. I did have several experiences with a number of individuals who did not share my interests and most importantly refrained from even encouraging me in a conversation just because I was always on a bike. However, my views changed drastically after I heard about biker dating sites and decided that I should be looking forward to indulging myself with some biker dating.

I had information that it would be easier for me with another single motorcycle rider rather than using traditional methods, which are visible. I was also made aware that this is a better way for bikers to reach each other and to build a long-lasting relationship.

I had a few apprehensions in my mind before, I finally decided to give it a try by keeping in mind the fact that I would not want to push getting into a relationship without considering all factors. I made up my mind to go slow on my experiment until I could find a guy who not only wanted to share his life with me but also had interests similar to mine. I had a definite feeling in my mind that it was the best way ahead.

I was aware about motorcycle dating and had heard names of websites like Biker Kiss Review  but still had some doubts in my mind, whether these biker dating sites could really offer me an opportunity to find the right partner for myself. It came like a surprise to me that I was flooded with offers soon as I registered myself with the site.

Enthusiastic and anxious as I was I didn’t want to rush into something which I would regret later. I received a number of emails and even text messages inviting me for a date. However, I decided to hold myself back until I came across an individual who was not intent on precisely having a one-night stand. It was only after a couple of months that I eventually came across an email with just an introductory message.

I ultimately decided to take the plunge and contacted the individual via email. This episode continued for about 20 to 30 emails before we finally decided to meet and have a discussion. I decided that our meeting should be in a public place with people moving around us and received a response stating something similar.

During our first meeting, I had an opportunity to exchange my views and to get the views of my date in an attempt to try to understand his nature. I had already received information that he was a biking enthusiast just as myself and had concluded that we had something in familiar. The discussion we had made it clear to me that we had much more in common than just a motorcycle. I was further surprised to note that, my date did not push for another meeting but was simply content to talk about his interests and even shared a few stories of his biking escapades. Finally, after a few additional meetings, I decided that this was the right person for me and exchanged my views with my date. I was happy to receive a similar comment from my date and thereafter concluded I had eventually found the love of my life.

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