biker datingWho doesn’t like a bit of excitement in their life? Nothing bits that adrenaline rush and fuzzy feeling you get from a motorcycle ride. The bikers’ lifestyle is stereo typically associated with a certain caliber of people that are said to live in the fast lane enjoying the thrills of danger and adventure you know that rock start kind of life. But seriously, we are undeniably living in a fast changing world and that is slowly moving away from the conventional ways of life. This is evident in the dating scene recently, where folks are becoming more innovative in meeting persons with whom they share interest, beliefs, and values. Biker dating is one of those interesting practice where bikers date among themselves through numerous bikers’ sites. To have a better understanding of biker singles, biker dating and sites, I set off on a field trip to central London where I had a chance to interact with bikers as they shared their experiences in meeting local bikers in efforts to find fun, relationships & love.

I was particularly intrigued by Caleb Austin a man in his mid-thirties whose aura and body language made him very in sync with the biker lifestyle. Contrary to the belief that bikers are rowdy and violent, he was rather calm with an undeniable intrinsic thrilling appeal in his persona. Caleb noted that he has utilized numerous bikers dating sites to meet local female bikers. Though, he regrettably notes that women bikers only make one percent of the total bikers’ population. Mostly alluded to fear that women can’t handle the outlawed lifestyle linked to bikers, he surprisingly, commented that biker women are actually very sober-minded individuals and not the inadmissible biker chicks they are made out to be Caleb said he prefers them over other girls since they travel light, not choosy with their meals, they are tough and extremely loyal and dedicated to the bikers spirit of brotherhood. The biker dating sites accept membership from across the world and you are guaranteed to meet a biker that shares your interests.

A 2016 survey conducted by highlighted BikerKiss, Harley Dating Site Biker Planet, Biker or Not and Meet Local bikers as the best biker dating sites for singles and friends. These sites chat rooms and forums provide you with the platform to meet your dream biker companion. The meet local bikers go an extra mile to organize local bikers’ rallies and event where members can interact.

Caleb is particularly a fun of the Meet Local Bikers site which comes in standard membership trial and gold membership packages. He takes me through the enrolling process that is pretty simple. All you need to do is browse for local matches in your area or you can go ahead and browse for featured members, do basic searches for members near you or for your matches based on your specifications. Then you will be on your way to the chat room.

I was now convinced that whatever makes you tick, all things bikers you will find it here. So don’t let that perfect biker slip away, get online and meet that beautiful biker lady or charming biker gentleman of your dreams.

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