Nice biker women gears is useful for your biker date

Who said biker gears are only for men. There is a large group of women who have broken this taboo and ride heavy bad boys like ‘Harley Davidson’ These days women want to stand out as riders, and they have broken all ground rules to prove the point that women can ride as good as men do. They are no more just the ones who sit behind men and enjoy rides. They no longer just enfold their arms around the rider and do just the passengers role. They like to ride and have the look of the rider even if they are just passengers.

biker dating

Who doesn’t like to look of a sexy well-fitted leather chaps or a pair of tattered cowboy suit, we all do. Biker Boys love to look back and see their women dressed perfectly for the date. Well, not only for the look, biker gears are also important for the security of the one riding as well as the one sitting behind. There can be nothing better that a sexy biker ware where you get a chance to flaunt your sexy side as well. Biker Dating can be complicating, but if you got your gears right you will sail by the ride.

The helmet: The most basic and the most important gear. Helmet protects the motor cycle riders from any external injury that might occur while riding. Picking a full faced helmet is the best option as it is the safest option. If you are a pro, you may also choose a half face covering helmet. These helmets allow frets air to flow in making it easier to breathe.

Leather: Biker and leather suits go hand in hand. Pick a leather that is subtle and comfortable. Owning the right leather jackets and pants will make you look all ready and se for the date that you have been waiting for. You will also look sexy if you have picked a comfortable leather.

The boots: a keynote player for the riders is the right boots. The right boots will resist any burns that might occur. If you are sitting behind you might have burns because, of the exhaust pipe. But, if you have the right boots you will be spared. Remember, if you have a ill fitted boots you might injure yourself.

There are many other gears that one can get like, gloves, cuffs, knee pads, leather belts and so on. Like we already said the main reason of these gears is safety but, they have an edgy and sexy look as well! So, next time you are on a bike date try these gears and enjoy.