Things bikers need to ask on a first date

Your maiden date with a single biker is an opportunity to know him or her better, paving a path to a long term relationship. It is worth noting that although dating sites have given people the amazing opportunity to connect with single bikers from across the globe; they’d eventually have to connect in the real world in order to make things work. Despite the immense importance of the first date, people fail to make the most of it and often end up messing things up. Here are a few things you should ask your prospective partner on a first date.

biker dating

  • Motorcycles: Well, given the fact that you share a passion for motorcycles, this has to be on your list of topics to speak about. You may start off by asking about his motorcycle life and what made him interested in something only a few people would like to explore. Every biker guy or biker girl has a story to tell, when it comes to her passion about motorcycles and riding. Experts believe talking about a common interest would set the pitch right on your first date.
  • Their other interests: Apart from riding and admiring motorcycles, there are a lot of other things that riders are associated with. Ask her what else she is interested in or what does she indulge in when she isn’t riding. This will not only give insights into her personal life but also a better understanding of the kind of qualities she expects in a life partner. 
  • Her professional life: Riding alone wouldn’t help pay bills and its time you realize this. While riding and motorcycles would continue to be a fulcrum, it is to be borne in mind that you should know your prospective partner a little more before making him/her an integral part of your life. You may also learn if he/she has chosen riding as a career or has a full – time job. 
  • What is their idea of entertainment: While you might expect the person to be obsessed about motorcycles and riding, it would be wrong to say that all they do is head out on a long stretch along the West Coast. On the other hand, there are people who ride only during extended weekends. They might do clubbing, play a particular sport or like travelling, try to explore the other side of their personality, which is different from their image as a motorcycle rider.

It is worth mentioning that the first few dates have to be effectively used to learn more about the person and determining whether or not they’d prove to be a great companion.